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What You Should Know About Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile homes need homeowner’s insurance, just like any other type of home you purchase. Additionally a homeowners insurance policy can provide financial protection against damages. So when disaster strikes, you don’t have to pay the full cost out of pocket. Without homeowners insurance to protect your mobile home, any damages from an accident, injury, or weather event could be devastating. In this article, your insurance professionals at Kirby Soar Insurance will dive deeper into the details of mobile home insurance, and how we can help you find the best homeowners insurance policy.

Why Do I Need Mobile Home Insurance? 

Florida, like most states, doesn’t require mobile home insurance by law. However,  most mortgage companies will require a basic homeowners insurance policy before you close your mortgage loan. Furthermore, the majority of mobile home parks also require proof of insurance for you to place your mobile home on a lot. If those obligations are not enough for you to buy insurance for your mobile home, then any remaining hesitancy is probably due to cost. Before worrying about the price of a policy, remember that the average mobile home in America costs nearly $82,000. That’s a huge investment to leave unprotected, even without considering your personal belongings inside and any possible liability due to accidents that can occur on your property. When considering those factors, why risk losing multiple thousands of dollars just to avoid paying for mobile home insurance?

What does the average mobile home insurance policy cover? 

Just like homeowner’s coverage, you need to find insurance for your mobile home in Florida that covers the following:

  • Your personal belongings
  • The dwelling itself 
  • Additional living expenses (if something were to happen, this provides funds to find new or temporary housing accommodations)
  • Liability protection

You may also consider choosing a policy with an addendum that covers debris removal. Depending on if you have a shed or carport, it could be wise to include coverage for those structures as well. 

Are there exclusions to standard mobile home insurance coverage?

Yes, but this is the case with any type of insurance policy. Because manufactured housing is more susceptible to fire damage, a large percentage of insurance providers will exclude fire damage protection under the “covered perils” portion of the insurance policy. Florida natives that own any type of residency also may not be able to include hurricane or flood protection as a “covered peril”. Mobile home insurance policies don’t traditionally cover any incidents that occur while in transit as well. The best way to get all the facts about an insurance policy you are considering is to contact one of the insurance experts at Kirby Soar Insurance so that we can help you navigate the specifics of the plan you are considering.

Kirby Soar Insurance Provides Mobile Home Insurance Throughout The State Of Florida, Including Polk County and Hillsborough County 

At Kirby Soar Insurance, we believe that mobile homes should be treated with the same level of protection as a standard home. As an independent insurance agency, we work with a variety of different providers, comparing quotes to find the best rates and policies for you. Whether you’re looking to cover your home, vehicle, boat, or mobile home, Kirby Soar Insurance is here for you. We are proud to serve customers in Central Florida including Plant City, Valrico, Lakeland, Mango, Brandon, and Mulberry. Contact Kirby Soar Insurance to schedule your appointment online or by calling (813) 752-1680. There is no better time than now to start protecting your mobile home.