Homeowner’s insurance is non-negotiable. You will not be able to haggle your way to a lower rate. In fact, most lenders who provide home loans require homeowners insurance until the loan is paid back. Not to mention, most of us cannot afford the home repair costs that mount up after a disaster or an emergency. Kirby Soar Insurance is here to help you ease the pain of your monthly home insurance payment. How? By offering up our best tips for shopping for homeowner’s insurance in Plant City and central Florida.

tips for shopping for homeowner's insurance

Tips For Shopping For Homeowner’s Insurance

The Wrong Way To Get Cheaper Home Insurance

One, not-so-great way to lower your home insurance costs is to lower your coverage. However, lowering your coverage will raise your deductible (and some red flags with your agency). Why risk it?  Paying more out of pocket for home repairs after a disaster when you are already under financial constraints is a horrible idea. Don’t fret; Kirby Soar Insurance has some better tips for shopping for homeowner’s insurance. We work with several different companies, helping to find you the best prices possible while also giving you the coverage you need.

Avoid Risky Business With Your Home

No, we’re not talking about refraining from sliding into your living room in socks while singing “Old Time Rock N Roll” by Bob Seger! What we mean is insurance providers decide your rate by calculating the amount of risk associated with insuring your home. If you can reduce risks, t then it’s likely they’ll lower your rates. 

What lowers my homeowner’s insurance risk? 

  • A home security system 
  • Safe roof & windows
  •  Actually living in your house (not using it as a rental property)

All of these methods protect you and your insurance company. For example, it’s less likely that your home will sustain substantial damage during a hurricane if you have a newer roof and windows. A home security system will help deter intruders. However, if you rent your home to tenants they are less likely to take care of it as well as you, the homeowner. 

Buddle Up Your Insurance Plans

No doubt, you’ve seen bundling deals advertised on commercials. Your Internet, phone, and cable services can be bundled. Health insurance can sometimes be bundled with dental or life insurance policies. Most companies will lower your rates if you’re willing to do a home and auto insurance bundle. 

Tips For Shopping For Homeowner’s Insurance That Are Not Related To Your Home

Not all things that affect your homeowner’s insurance policy actually have to do with your home. Outside factors that can increase your rates include:

  • The house has previous claims. Even if you were not the owner at the time of the claim. 
  • Your job. Your insurance company may be one of many that collect statistics on which professions are “safest”, so your profession may increase or lower your premium. 
  • If you park your car on the street, versus in a garage.
  • Your credit score.
  • Hobbies, if you do them in your home, could be considered hazardous and hard to insure. 
  • The type of pets you own.

Lower Your Home Insurance Costs in Polk and Hillsborough County

Kirby Soar Insurance wants to help you find the lowest homeowner’s insurance rate. If you live in Polk or Hillsborough County, Florida, including cities such as Plant City, Valrico, Lakeland, Mango, Brandon, and Mulberry, let us find the perfect insurance plan for you and your home. The team of insurance professionals at Kirby Soar Insurance is ready to help you today. Just give us a call at (813) 752-1680, come by our office at 809 South Evers Street in Plant City, FL or send us a message.